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Connecticut was devastated with one of the worst winters ever recorded in 2014-2015 and sadly there were many companies removing ice dams with hot pressure washers and falsely claiming they were steamers. Just because a company says they use steam doesn’t mean its true! We have put together an extensive amount or information to help property owners not fall victim to this roof damaging scandal. The only proven method for damage free ice dam removal is with low pressure steam. Our association identifies low pressure steam ice dam removal companies in CT and allows them to become members of this association if they meet our strict quality guidelines. Once a company becomes a member we place our clickable logo on their website and enter their member number into our system. Looking for our logo on a website is a safe bet. If you are having trouble finding members in your area, please Call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474 or contact us and we will connect you with a member near you QUICKLY! We understand ice dam removal is an emergency situation so we respond fast! We know for sure that there is more than one company in CT that has a major web presence and claims to use steam when in fact they do NOT. It is STRONGLY advised to only hire our members in Connecticut! We cannot express our concern enough for these customers that got victimized by the pressure washing companies. These companies were also targeting Boston MA, New England, NH and more. Websites can lie but education will help you spot these lies easily.

Connecticut Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal with steam in Connecticut is not a cheap service and depending on the size of the ice dams it can be fairly expensive. So to prevent further additional costs such as roof damage and frost heave we suggest only hiring our members. Our CT members are the best of the best and are fully insured and operator with integrity. Ice dam removal with integrity starts with owning the correct low pressure steam ice dam removal equipment that was designed for ice dam removal only. Our members care as much about your roof and your property as you do! Please only hire our members in Connecticut. It would also be helpful to study our Ice Dam Steaming Education pages and our Q&A pages before hiring. Also check out our important blog to understand steam better.

Our members offer CT ice dam removal services in the following Connecticut citesBridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, West Hartford, Bristol, Meriden