Why Ice Dam Steaming is Billed Hourly

If you are wondering why ice dam steaming is billed hourly please keep reading. There are several important reasons why ice dam steaming is billed hourly. There may be some companies who don’t bill hourly but we feel it is important to choose a company who does bill hourly. Why? Because a straight bid may cause a company to want to hurry and get done faster leading to roof damage and dangerous practices. Also it may cost you more in the end. Call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474 to learn more.

  • Demand for ice dam steaming is high and companies simply cannot travel and look at every job and bid on them, so hourly rates simplify the bidding and provides a way to provide more of an emergency service.
  • The ice dams are hidden under the snow making it impossible to see how far back up the roof they go. In some cases the ice dams may only go back a foot and in others it may go all the way to the ridge cap. The more ice the longer it takes. You cannot bid on what you can’t see.
  • Underneath the ice dams the gutters may be packed with leaves and debris making them take longer to thaw and clean.
  • The snow depth on the roof, roof pitch and the amount of ground clean up varies from job to job.
  • Safety is the main concern with all ice dam removal companies and being rushed could have serious consequences.
  • Low pressure steamers burn expensive kerosene while they are running, making them very expensive to operate.
  • These are a few of the reasons why ice dam steaming is billed hourly.