Ontario via Google Maps

Ontario is Canada’s most populated province. As of 2014 38.5 % of all Canadians live in Ontario. This equals 13,678,740 people! Ontario borders almost all the Great Lakes except Lake Michigan! And to the North lies Hudson Bay. Winters in the majority of Ontario are usually cold and snowy with brutal lake effect snow. Sometimes the snow seems nearly endless. The people of Ontario (ON) Canada are no strangers to winter and the things associated with it such as ice dams forming on roofs. The good news is Ontario also borders the ice dam steaming capitol of the world! Minnesota! This means that there are a large number of quality low pressure steaming companies removing ice dams in Ontario the right way! Finding them is another story though. For help call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474.

On the contrary however, there is also a large number of companies in Ontario removing ice dams incorrectly with impact force and high pressure equipment like hot pressure washers. Improper ice dam removal can easily damage your roof and property, costing you more money and headache in the end.

Ice Dam Removal Ontario

Our Association will help you avoid high pressure equipment with education and by locating the quality companies for you! Connect to these companies in two ways. The first way is to locate our logo on an ice dam removal companies websites and then click on our logo for verification. Or simply contact us and we will connect you with a low pressure steam ice dam removal company near you. Making the wrong choice could cost you a new roof in the end. High psi equipment will easily destroy roofs! Learn how to identify the correct equipment before you make the big decision to hire an ice dam removal company in Ontario! If an ice dam is causing a leak on your property please don’t panic and hire the first company that answers the phone! Do some research on them and their equipment compared to what you have learned here, and contact us if you need further assistance. We can easily connect you with steam ice dam removal companies in all Ontario locations including these major Ontario cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and London ON. Hiring our IDSAFE members is always a safe bet!