Ice Dam Steaming Equipment 101

Learning the basics of ice dam steaming 101 is very important. Ice dam steaming equipment comes in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Some steamers have horizontal heating coils such as the Landa, Whitco, and the Arctic Steamer to name a few. While other steamers such as the Alkota have a vertical heating coil. Some steamers can look identical to hot pressure washers externally but are very different inside. Alkota makes a hot pressure washer and a steamer that look virtually identical. Being able to distinguish between a steamer and a hot pressure washer is extremely important. Learn how here.
Most low pressure ice dam steaming equipment will run on electricity to power the water pump. Steamers burn kerosene or diesel to heat the coils and turn the water into steam. Most ice dam companies choose electric low pressure steamers over gasoline powered for ease, simplicity and safety. This also keeps the cost of operation down which will ultimately keep the cost the property owner pays to a minimum. And they never run out of gas so long jobs can be completed with ease. We also believe gasoline vapors around a flame source are dangerous.
All low pressure steamers will use cold water and not hot. If a company ever requests to use hot water you can be assured it is not a low pressure steamer but rather a pressure washer. As stated many times before you should avoid pressure washers on your roof by all means! Also if a company shows up on your property with a trigger gun and a high pressured colored tip on the gun you can be assured it is not an IDSAFE approved low pressure steamer. Low pressure steamers approved by IDSAFE will never have a trigger or a removable colored plastic tip. Please contact us with questions of if you need help locating our members in your area.