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Vermont is the 7th coldest state in the USA during winter and receives on average between 60-100 inches of snow annually. These conditions are ideal for ice dam formation on roofs. The people in Vermont are no strangers to ice dams but everyone may not know that low pressure ice dam steaming is the safest way to remove the ice without roof damage. If you have an ice dam removal emergency in Vermont call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474 before hiring.

In many areas of the country ice dam steaming is a new thing, and so new in fact that even most companies who remove ice dams are unaware of this proven method. Ice dam steaming originated in Minnesota. Please do not be fooled by a company that uses a hot pressure washer! Hot pressure washers are not steamers and there is a huge difference. Learn the differences here. One can damage your roof and the other can NOT! Low pressure steam cannot damage roofing materials but a pressure washer can and will. Please look through all the information we have put together on this site so you can spot a fake steamer.

Ice Dam Removal Vermont

If you are considering hiring an ice dam steaming company please look for our members and avoid hiring non members. This will insure the safest possible ice dam removal experience. If you are unable to locate our members websites please feel free to contact us and we will connect you with a Vermont member near you IMMEDIATELY! We understand ice dams and the emergency situation you may be in!