Will Ice Dams Hurt My Gutters

Many people have asked will ice dams hurt my gutters. We do not need to discuss this question with much detail because the simple answer is YES ice dams will hurt your gutters. The simple reason is because when water freezes it expands and pushes objects in directions that they do not intend to go. A great example is a glass of water left in the freezer you later find broken, or a can of soda you later find exploded. The soda can is a great representation of a gutter or down spout that will burst because of this expansion. Ice dams have been known to completely remove the gutters from the fascia. Gutters that were once fastened during the winter are now a lawn ornament in the spring. Replacing gutters is not a cheap service. If you would like to learn how to prevent ice dams please visit our page “how to prevent ice dams.”

Gutters are installed at the proper pitch or slope of about 1/16 of an inch per foot. If ice dams start pushing and bending the gutters the slope could be lost and proper drainage will not be possible. If the gutters can’t drain properly and hold water, the water will freeze and block any further melting water from reaching the downspout. This is the beginning of disaster! So again the simple answer to will ice dams hurt my gutters is YES! Gutters with gutter helmets are not exempt from damage either, in fact gutter helmets typically increase the likely hood of ice dams by creating and extending the “cold edge” of the roof where ice dams form.

We hope that this helped you with the question, “will ice dams hurt my gutters.” If you have additional questions or if you are having trouble locating our members in your area please contact us today.