Saskatchewan via Google Maps

Saskatchewan had a total population of about 1,114,000 in 2013. Saskatchewan is mostly populated in the southern portion. The largest city is Saskatoon and the provincial capital is Regina. Saskatchewan winters are know to produce up to 70 plus inches of snow. This makes it a perfect location for ice dams to form on roofs. If you have a roof leak and ice dams on your roof it is important to get the ice removed quickly. However, hiring the first company that answers the phone could be a very bad idea! Some companies are removing ice dams incorrectly and potentially costing you thousands of extra dollars in the end! Please call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474 before hiring.

Roofs are fragile and need to be treated with care in the winter. Before you hire an ice dam removal company please learn about ice dam steaming. Steam at a low pressure is the safest way to remove ice from the roof and gutters. Avoid impact and dangerous high pressure equipment on roofs such as hammers and pressure washers. The impact from these methods can easily destroy roofs! Learn to identify low and high pressure equipment. If you are familiar with the cutting power of a pressure washer it’s easy to understand why it’s not a good idea! We will help you avoid pressure washers for ice dam removal and provide you with all the education needed to protect yourself from high psi equipment.

Saskatchewan Ice Dam Removal

As an ice dam steaming association we verify the equipment and procedures of our members to assure only low pressure steam equipment is used on your roof. We have taken the guess work out of this big decision! You can locate our members by looking for our clickable logo on their website or simply contact us. We will do our best to connect you with ice dam steaming members in the Saskatchewan area quickly. Wee understand the importance of ice dam removal services.