Choosing Ice Dam Steaming Companies

Choosing Ice Dam Steaming Companies

When choosing ice dam steaming companies it is very important to learn how to identify a company that is using the right low pressure steam equipment. We help you in this decision by locating good companies and putting our logo on their website.
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All of our members have passed our strict quality control guidelines and have been approved safe and own the right low pressure steam equipment. Our members are the best of the best! Once you locate our members website you can click on our logo and it will re-direct you to a special member verification page where you can then verify the member.

Two Choices

In the ice dam removal industry there are two types of companies, the good companies that uses low pressure steamers and the bad companies that will use a hot pressure washer and claim that they have a steamer. The power washing companies only seem to be concerned with their pocket books and not yours. They don’t care if you need to replace your roof because of the damage done by the high psi. It is very important that you are able to discern between the two.

If you have any questions about a companies’ so called steamer, please visit our page How to Choose the Right Ice Dam Removal Equipment. We want you to make the right decision and avoid roof damage so please take the time to view all of the information on our website. We believe our Education and our Q&A pages will also lead you to the right company. We designed this association to educate because there was a lack of knowledge about low pressure steam in the ice dam removal business. Our members cover all North America including Canada and Alaska.

If you are having trouble locating our members in your area please Contact Us and we will connect you with a good company near you. We know ice dam removal is an emergency service so we will reply quickly to help you in this time of need. In the mean time please browse our site for tips. To locate our members please look for our logo on their website.