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Become A MemberIf you would like to become a member of the Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education and you feel that you (your company) meet(s) our strict qualifications we would love to hear from you. We have members in all corners of North America including Canada and Alaska. We are the first and only association in the world for the ice dam steaming professionals. Property owners recognize the importance of this organization and our members reap the benefits. If you own low pressure steam equipment and want to become a member, please fill in the short contact form below and we will be in touch soon. If you qualify to become a member of this association we will verify your company and your equipment and give you a unique member number and exclusive rights to advertise our logo on your website. We will also give your company and website credit on our website in multiple ways.

When you have the IDSAFE logo on your website and the IDSAFE Association saying good things about your company you will be recognized and esteemed above others. If you can recognize the importance of standing above the competition in a contest then surely you can understand what becoming a member would do for your credit with customers. Most customers are becoming aware of the pressure washer scandal and are seeking out good low pressure steaming companies through us. Our members are truly the best of the best and it shows by their desire to retain their membership for life. Companies who are passionate about doing ice dam removal the right way will always shine the brightest through the IDSAFE Association. As an organization we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone we feel does not meet our strict equipment and company guidelines. However we are very easy to deal with and we will help you follow the proper steps to become a qualified member.

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