West Virginia

West Virginia

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The snow in West Virginia typically only lasts a few days in lower areas but may stay for weeks in the higher mountain areas. The average of 34″ of snow falls each season in Charleston WV. However in the winter of 95 -96 three times that amount fell. Average snowfall in the Allegheny Highlands of WV can range up to 180″ per season.

Ice dams on roofs persist in these conditions due to the snow and the cold. If you are reading this we hope that you do not have ice dams on your roof or water coming in your building. However if you do have an ice dam removal emergency please call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474.

If you do however, we advise you to avoid high psi hot pressure washers and seek out our ice dam steaming members using the correct low pressure in your area. Pressure washers can be very damaging to your roof and should be avoided at all costs! Low pressure steam is gentle and safe and cannot cut or damage your roof. There are many horror stories of pressure washers completely destroying roofs and we do not want you to be the next victim.

Ice Dam Removal West Virginia

We will help you to search for ice dam removal members in West Virginia. If you are having trouble locating them please contact us now for assistance and we will get back to you QUICKLY!

The following cities are in the Allegheny Highlands region of West Virginia and potentially receive 180 inches of snowfall annually!

Albright, Bayard, Beverly, Camden on Gauley, Davis, Durbin, Elk Garden, Elkins, Franklin, Hambleton, Harman, Helvetia,
Hendricks, Hillsboro, Huttonsville, Kingwood, Marlinton, Mill Creek, Montrose, Piedmont, Parsons, Quinwood, Rainelle,
Richwood, Rowlesburg, Rupert, Seneca Rocks, Snowshoe, Terra Alta, Thomas, Webster Springs, White Sulphur Springs,