Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia is the second most densely populated Canadian province. Nova Scotia had a population of 942,926 as of 2015. The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax. Nova Scotia is located an equal distance between the equator and the North Pole. The winter and summer temperatures are generally mild because of the ocean surrounding the island.

Nova Scotia is surrounded by four major bodies of water. However, Nova Scotia winters can still be extremely brutal, bringing about large snow falls. These snow falls have the potential to dump several feet a day. With this much snow you could imagine the ice dams that will form on roofs. If you have an ice dam removal emergency in Nova Scotia please call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474.

If you live in Nova Scotia and have ice dams on your roof please only consider hiring low pressure steam ice dam removal companies. There are several companies who use the wrong equipment such as hot water pressure washers.

There are even more companies that will come and remove the ice from your roof with hammers or chisels. This is not the correct way to remove an ice dam from a roof! Identify the correct equipment yourself. Any form of impact on a roof has the potential to cause damage! Low pressure steam on the other hand does not impact the roof. Instead this gentle steam removes the ice with heat instead of pressure. This makes it the safest possible ice dam removal method.

If you are looking for a company that specializes in low pressure steam ice dam removal, please look for our members in your area by locating their website and finding our logo. If you are having trouble finding an ice dam removal company in NS please feel free to contact us. We reply QUICKLY! We will put you in touch with a member near you as soon as possible. Please take a few moments to educate yourself on low pressure steam ice dam removal.

Nova Scotia is also known for a new TV series on the Discovery channel called “The Curse Of Oak Island” This interesting show is about a treasure buried somewhere on the island and this lure has enticed many people over hundreds of years to invest in a search for this treasure. The treasure thought to be on Oak Island ranges from the Ark of The Covenant to the lost writings of Shakespeare to Solomon’s Treasure. Treasure hunters have been foiled by booby traps so far and a new quest has begun to pick up where other hunters have failed. This TV series is interesting and gives a great history lesson about Oak Island at the very least.