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The Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education (IDSAFE) was created to help property owners with ice dams easily identify good ice dam removal companies with the correct low psi/high temperature steam equipment. These good ice dam companies (our members) are using low pressure high temperature ice dam steamers designed specifically for safe damage free ice dam removal. The equipment our members use will not damage roofing materials! The Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education is the first (and currently the only) association in the world for the steam ice dam removal industry and its customers.


“To help property owners with ice dams locate ice dam removal companies who own the right low pressure/high temperature ice dam steaming equipment, ultimately helping them avoid roof damage from companies using high P.S.I hot pressure washers.”

The IDSAFE Association places its special clickable logo on companies websites who are using the correct low pressure/high temperature equipment for ice dam removal. Our clickable logo will help you identify these companies easily. By clicking on our logo you can verify each member on our website. Once you verify a company on our website you can rest easy and hire with peace of mind. We take many precautionary measures and steps before our members are verified safe and given our approved safe logo.


The Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education is an essential part of maintaining integrity in an industry filled with untruth. There are numerous ice dam removal companies throughout the United States and Canada that claim to use steam when in fact they do not. The lack of knowledge about steam makes the ice dam removal industry an easy target for anyone with a hot pressure washer to destroy roofs. We are hopeful that the Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education will bring to light the dangers and the equipment of the untrained and shine a spotlight on the good ice dam removal companies using low pressure steam. Ultimately through this association the knowledge about low pressure steamers will abound and make it increasingly difficult for any property owner to become a victim of a high P.S.I pressure washer.



Many ice dam removal companies claim they are using ice dam steamers but in fact are running high P.S.I power washers that cannot produce steam temperatures at all. These machines are very dangerous on roofing materials and can destroy a roof as pictured above or worse! Companies with pressure washers usually claim that, “We are careful and will not damage your roof”

But the truth is, water is abrasive and will remove sand (limestone) from the shingles at minimum, which will lead to premature roof failure! A 30 year shingle could easily become a 15 year or less! In many instances your roof will have immediate signs of damage as pictured above or worse! The other thing to note is a hot pressure washer will take much more time to remove the same amount of ice as a steamer. Pressure washers cannot safely undercut the ice from the roof without damage, ultimately costing you a lot more money and headache in the end. Steam is atomized water and is no longer abrasive and therefore looses its ability to cut or damage materials. Safe ice dam removal is all about temperature and not pressure!

  • Experts Recommend Low Pressure Steam For Ice Dam Removal
  • The number of roofing manufacturers, roofing installers and insurance companies that recommend using only low pressure steam for ice dam removal is on an overwhelming rise!
    On the contrary many roofing manufacturers, roofing installers and insurance companies will void an existing warranty or claim if a pressure washer is used! This evidence rings loud and clear about how dangerous pressure washers are to roofs! Experts recommend low pressure steam because it is the safest method for ice dam removal.

  • Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education: A Name You Can Trust
  • Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education provides extensive education you can trust. This valuable information will help you make a knowledgeable decision when hiring an ice dam steaming contractor. We also provide an excellent resource to help property owners avoid roof damage during the ice dam removal process by looking for our clickable logo on a website.

    We work closely with the number one distributor of low pressure steamers in the world! They cover all of the U.S.A. including Alaska and Canada. IDSAFE becomes acquainted with many trusted companies through this distributor and also through our own years of ice dam steaming experiences. So IDSAFE is a name you can trust!

  • Our Ice Dam Steaming Members
  • All ice dam steaming members of this association are known to have purchased the right equipment for low pressure ice dam steaming and have pledged to never use high pressure equipment on roofs. All ice dam steaming members run their equipment at a maximum low pressure of 300 PSI (most members run at 100 psi) and their machines are capable of producing steam temperatures between 250-300 degrees F continuously using cold tap water. Our members have agreed that even in the height of the season if their low pressure steam equipment breaks down they will not substitute it with a hot pressure washer. They understand that the consequence of using high pressure equipment on a roof will mean being permanently removed from this association!

  • Our Ice Dam Steaming Logo
  • When our ice dam steaming logo is placed on a company's website it will have a unique # associated with it. Once you find our logo, you can click on the member # to make sure it takes you back to a matching page on this site. Every new member will have their own member # and their own page manually entered into our site by our web developer. This is our way of assuring that someone cannot just steal the logo and use it. Our web designers must enter every member number, logo and page into the system and thus finalizing the process. All companies must first be verified in multiple ways before the logo is given out and the # entered into our site. If a company is removed from our association two things will happen. The logo will be removed from their website quickly according to our contract and their member # and page will be erased from our site.

  • Ice Dam Steaming Equipment Check
  • The Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education does the best it can to provide this quality resource to property owners. However it is still always advised to look at the equipment that arrives on your site and inspect it closely. IDSAFE is not liable to any property owner for work performed by an association member. You will be responsible to use your best judgment and the information you have learned here to make sure a pressure washer in not allowed on your roof. If you have any concerns at all about an association member please contact us immediately! If we find that any association member has used or attempted to use high pressure equipment on a roof they will be removed permanently from the association! A quick and easy guide to identifying the right ice dam steaming equipment is given at the link button below "How to choose the right ice dam removal equipment (graph)."

If you still have questions after studying the graph in the hyperlink above please contact us for clarification. We eagerly await the opportunity to educate, after all that is what we designed this association to do, educate!

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    A low pressure steamer should never have a trigger on the gun!

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    A low pressure steamer will never need to be connected to hot water!

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    A low pressure steamer should never have a colored plastic tip on the gun!