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New Hampshire

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New Hampshire, a small state on the east coast which borders the ocean and Canada to the North. Winters in New Hampshire are often times severe with snowfall averaging 60 to over 100 inches a season. 83.4 inches fell in 2015. Extreme snow is often times due to the nor’easter. The mountainous regions of the state are usually much colder and snowier than sea side. New Hampshire’s winter climate is ideal for ice dams to form on roof tops and gutter systems. Up until the winter of 2014-2015 there was little (if any) knowledge of ice dam steaming in the state.

Ice dam steaming is a term more relative to MN and the central US states. However the people of New Hampshire who watched the news started to hear of this low pressure steam ice dam removal technique.

To locate ice dam steamers near you please call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474.

We are an association who verifies the equipment of companies who remove ice dams. Some companies are untruthful about the equipment that they use. Some will call a hot pressure washer a steamer when in fact it is not. Fooling the customers, these companies are talking money and damaging roofs. Would you pay someone to come damage your roof with a pressure washer? Neither would we! Our members are all verified and are guaranteed to be using the correct low pressure steam machines for safe ice dam removal.

Look for our logo on a companies website in NH and give them priority over a non member. Our members are honest and operate with integrity. If you are having trouble locating our members in your area please contact us and we will put you in touch with a professional near you. Please check our all the other info on our site under Education and Q&A such as, 5 questions to ask before hiring, will insurance cover ice dam steaming, ice dam steaming price range, etc.  We hope that our information makes your decision easier when choosing a low pressure steam ice dam removal company in New Hampshire.