Quebec via Google Maps

The amazing record of the greatest precipitation was in Quebec during the winter of 2007 – 2008, dumping more than five meters (15 feet) of snow in the area of Quebec City! The average amount Quebec receives per winter is around three meters or 9 feet, and much less in some areas. Quebec usually has long cold winters lasting until April or May. With this amount of snow it is easy to see why Quebec would have lots of ice dams forming on roofs. The major cities such as Montreal and Quebec are densely populated and many so called experts are removing ice dams incorrectly! These improper methods include impact force such as hammers and high psi pressure washers. Both of these methods are dangerous and usually lead to roof damage. The only correct way to remove ice dams from roofs and gutters is with low pressure steam. Steam does not have the ability to cut materials like a pressure washer. Ice dam steaming is by far the safest method for ice dam removal. Insurance companies recommend low pressure steam and usually will not pay out a claim unless this low pressure method is used. Please avoid impact and pressure washers for ice dam removal at all costs! Check out our education pages.

Quebec Ice Dam Removal

If you are looking to hire an ice dam steaming company in the Quebec area look for our members first. We have done the leg work and have pre-screened all of our members and made sure their equipment is indeed low pressure steam. Our members are the best of the best!

We advise hiring our members one of two ways. Locate a company website and look to see if they are members of this association or simply call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474 or contact us and we will find a member in Quebec near you quickly.