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Indiana borders the great lake of Lake Michigan and is often times subjected to lake effect snow in the winter. Indiana is also a state that gets very cold in the winter. Snowy and cold conditions make Indiana a state where ice dams often form. If you have ice dams on your roof in Indiana and need to hire a good ice dam removal company, we advise looking for a company who uses only low pressure steam. Many companies use hot pressure washers at very high psi and these machines are not safe for ice dam removal from a roof.

Ice Dam Removal Indiana

Our Indiana members have been verified in multiple ways and are guaranteed to be using only low pressure steamers designed for safe ice dam removal. Simply look on a companies website for our logo and a special member #, then click on it to make sure we have them verified. Once the logo is verified you know you can hire them with piece of mind.

Please beware that not all ice dam removal companies in Indiana use steam. Many use pressure washers that should never be allowed on a roof. So please look for our members in your area. Indianapolis is a huge city in Indiana and has the potential to posses many companies who use pressure washers for ice dam removal so please look for our members before making this huge decision. If you are having trouble locating members in your area please contact us and we will connect you with an ice dam steaming company in your area quickly.