Ice Dam Steaming Price Range

The ice dam steaming price range can vary greatly from one location to the next and from one company to the next. So we do not want to pretend we are the ultimate authority for the price range for ice dam steaming. But we would like to air on the side of caution and say that most companies that use low pressure steamers begin their career charging about $250 per hour for two guys and quickly realize that the expenses incurred to operate and maintain the equipment demands an increase in price. Not to mention the extremely high insurance rates and workers hourly wages. We have seen prices vary from about $250-$850 per hour for two people. It’s safe to say that experience will generally get the job done quicker than someone with less experience. All prices quoted should be for a two man crew. Some companies charge the same hourly rate for only one person. You be the judge on that one. Me personally, I’d go for the two man crew. All IDSAFE members use two man crews. Most companies charge from the time they begin working until the time their equipment is packed up. A lot of companies have a minimum number of hours they bill for. For example some companies have a two hour minimum. So if their price is $600 per hour your minimum bill would be $1,200. We feel that a 2 hour minimum is reasonable because ice dams generally take longer to remove that 2 hours. Most jobs average 3-6 hours. Sometimes more.

Below is a link to CBS in MN who did an examination of the going rate in 2010 and here they explain what is fair. At this time (2010) the article says $300/hour per man is a fair price. So a two man crew could charge $600/hour and not be price gouging. This “ice dam steaming price range” article here was written in 2015, so as with everything prices could have went up. In the winter of 2014-15 prices were recorded at as high as $950 per hour (for two people) for very experienced companies with the correct equipment. So as you can see the price can vary greatly. And generally during the peak of the ice dam season prices will go up based on the demand. If you have any questions please call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474 or contact us. We reply quickly!