Why Ice Dam Steaming Is Important

Why Ice Dam Steaming is Important

Why Ice Dam Steaming is Important

The reasons why ice dam steaming is important for ice dam removal is as follows. Without this delicate procedure of ice dam steaming you would be left with only archaic (cave man like) choices. These choices would be hammers, chisels, ice picks, screw drivers, hatchets, axes, hammer drills or the very dangerous scam like alternative to ice dam steaming, a hot pressure washer.

A property owner’s worst enemy is not someone with a hammer telling you they are going to use a hammer (because you have the chance to refuse, which you should). Your worst enemy is a company with a hot pressure washer lying and telling you that they use steam when in fact they just have a high psi hot pressure washer. Learn the differences between a power washer and a steamer. Hot pressure washers cannot produce steam temperatures or low enough pressure to be safe on roofing materials. These machines can cut holes through your roofing material easily!

Ice dam steaming is important because without these steam machines many properties would have damaged roofs. Roof damage can easily occur because of the improper techniques listed above. Ice dam steaming is the most important ice dam removal process ever invented! Steam is so gentle that it will not remove black spray paint from a piece of painted Styrofoam. Low pressure steam does not have enough power to cut through a pair of salt filled pantyhose. Low pressure steam certainly does NOT have enough power to damage roofing materials.

Within our website we give you all the resources needed to find a good low pressure steaming company. If you are looking for a member in your area and having trouble locating one, please contact us today. We will reply quickly because we understand the urgency of ice dam removal. Please do not allow someone to convince you pressure washers are okay for ice dam removal because they are not. Anything other than low pressure steam could easily damage your roof and take years off its life!