Ice Dam Steaming in the News

Seeing ice dam steaming in the news has become a fairly common thing. Unfortunately what the news channels are usually airing is bad information. What the news channels are frequently overlooking is the equipment that the so called steam companies are using. Many news stories have been done promoting the wrong equipment and companies! Many news stories have been done giving credit to companies who are actually using high P.S.I hot pressure washers  such as the “Northstar wet steamer” that cannot produce steam at all. All of the important minds in the ice dam industry agree that these machines are not good for ice dam steaming. This misleading information has given credit to undeserving companies that are simply “one guy” and a pressure washer! We cannot always rely on the media to bring us the best technical information, especially in an industry shrouded in trade secrets. But the time has come to bring the darkness to light and expose the damaging practices of these so called steam ice dam removal experts using hot pressure washers! There is enough hard evidence to prove the case that pressure washers are damaging to roofs and should not be used for ice dam removal, and God forbid the news stations continue promoting these deceiving acts!

On the contrary there have been several good news stories done about low pressure steam equipment and how gentle it is on roofing materials. These good stories are more focused on the equipment and the procedures and are giving out the right information to consumers.

Example of a bad news story.

Examples of good news stories

Here’s another great video

If you are from a news station and would like to do a story with one of our members please call IDSAFE # 612-460-0474 or contact us and we will put you in contact with a member quickly. All of our IDSAFE members use the correct low pressure steam equipment. Our members do not use hot pressure washers!